Building my bridesmaid side bun with pins and pads

photo courtesy of Christine Chung

My dear friend Tania got married on Saturday, and as a bridesmaid, I had the treat to get my hair done. And I mean done. Now as a beauty editor, I receive salon blowout invitations multiple times a week (although I actually have time to take advantage of these generous services only once every couple of months at most). But like a red carpet updo, wedding hairstyling is way more intense than a mere blowdry. Can you guess how many pins and shoulder pads (yes, I said shoulder pads) went into this simple side bun?

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You know who you look like?

Claire Danes at the Emmys last night, where she won for lead actress in a series

I was told last week that I looked like Claire Danes. Now bizarre as it seems, this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten this. I’ve also been told I look like Julia Stiles.

What do you think? Should I be flattered? offended? or are these people just crazy?