Ning’s Relationship Reading List


As a successful, 30-something woman, I find the one thing that’s most difficult in my life to figure out (and get right) is the same Achilles’ heel shared by most of my successful, 30-something female friends: love. Why is it so hard to find the right person and even harder to have a lasting, drama-free relationship? Sure, I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I love and adore, but because I care about him so much, I feel like I need to do my due diligence and work on the relationship. And my favorite self-help homework? Reading relationship advice books. Continue reading

Hair Growth Challenge

Those who know me are aware that my number one beauty concern is thinning hair. Ever since an undiagnosed thyroid condition left me with a wider part and skinnier strands, I’ve been paranoid of losing my hair. I fret over each fallen strand on my bathroom floor and every tangled lock in my brush. Which is why when board-certified hair restoration physician Dr. Alan J. Bauman recommended I try Appearex biotin supplements, I went immediately on and ordered a year’s supply.

I started taking the little white pills this week (two a day, per Dr. Bauman’s instructions, even though the package says one 2,500 mcg tablet daily is 833% of the USFDA daily value for biotin). According to the box, results take one to six months. Stay tuned for my findings…