Mani Monday: Barb Wire French Manicure

I used to spend hundreds of dollars at Sakura Nail Spa in New York City getting my clear to black gradation Calgel with Diamond manicure, but then I moved to Los Angeles and stopped my Calgel addiction cold turkey. The above black French with tinsel glitter on top (which I call Barb Wire)? DIY! Continue reading

Bye, bye, BlackBerry

After I dropped my BlackBerry down an elevator shaft at my doctor’s office a couple of weeks ago, I went this week to pick up the remains. The brains of my BlackBerry are scrambled, but check out the screen—not a single scratch or crack! I’m really impressed by this phone’s durability. It fell down over five flights!


Totoro, Totoro!


My brother Chris posted this to my Facebook Timeline last night and I just had to share. The claws on the feet kinda freak me out, but how cute is this My Neighbor Totoro bed? It looks like the perfect place to cuddle up and read on a rainy day.

Adorable Totoro bed fulfills all our extreme cuddle needs.

This is what a $2.5 million bra looks like

The Victoria’s Secret Christmas catalog should be arriving in your mailbox any day now and I just wanted to post a pic of their $2.5 million Floral Fantasy Bra. Now I love me some Victoria’s Secret lingerie, but I’m always surprised when these million dollar bras get sold out every year. Since they only make one, do you have to be Alessandra Ambrosio-sized to fit into this year’s model? Continue reading