Hair Growth Challenge Part 2: 1 Month Update

Now I just noticed that it’s been about a month since I started taking Appearex biotin supplements for my hair (okay, it’s been five weeks) and I thought it was time for me to post an update. So here’s my verdict: This stuff really works! Continue reading

Ode to Pinky Knuckle Rings


Fancy Frame Rings with Diamonds

So my friend Jeet makes this gorgeously delicate, hand-made, fine gold jewelry for her Bare Collection and today she unveiled an even more eye-catching version of her classic frame ring. Now I’ve been coveting one of her Pinky Knuckle Frame Rings since last year, but I just haven’t had time to go into her studio yet to size my abnormally tiny pinky. The rest of my fingers are all regular-sized, my pinkies are just mutants, so I’m hoping she’ll let me custom order this little treat for myself. But now there are these Fancy Frame Rings With Diamonds from her Holiday collection! Decisions decisions…

Down down baby, down down the elevator shaft


I was walking out of the elevator door yesterday morning, on the 3rd floor of my doctor’s office, when the trusted BlackBerry I was holding in my hand (where it usually lives) slipped out of my fingers and fell down. No, not just fell on the floor, but flew vertically down, sliding between the elevator’s inner and outer doors like a stealth bomber. The building’s maintenance wanted to charge me $1000 to go into the elevator shaft and find the phone’s remains, but I’m just going to wait until they do their routine maintenance to see if the image card is salvageable. In the meantime, my new phone doesn’t arrive until Monday! Which leaves me 3 days off-the-grid! See you from the other side!

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

I have a legendary gray jersey comforter cover that all of my house guests have wanted to steal. The reason? It’s extra cuddly and super soft (softer than your favorite T-shirt with no pilling or scratchy seams) and gets softer with every washing. Now I’ve had this duvet since college, so you can imagine how many laundry cycles it’s been through. The buttons have fallen off and there’s a hole on the top, but it’s still my favorite comforter cover, ever. Continue reading