A Look Back at My Favorite 2012 Trend: Purple!



I was out shopping with my college roommate Jenyi and her adorable daughter yesterday, whose favorite color is purple (her daughter’s; Jenyi’s more into electric blue these days). That made me remember that my friend Nuy‘s little princess also loves purple best. Now I definitely went through a purple phase too when I was about their age (after my love affair with pink and before my obsession with white) and I think I was back in the violet mood this year.

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Hawaii Five-Oh so craveable eats part 2: Sweets!

Mele macs


Part two of my Hawaii Five-Oh so craveable eats series covers my favorite part of any meal: Sweets! Now, I’ve already waxed poetic about the deliciousness of Hawaiian shave ice on this blog, so Matsumoto’s is excluded from this list. Likewise, if you want deep fried donut-like malasadas, head to Leonard’s on Kapahulu (I like their coconut haupia version the best). Otherwise, here’s my list of Oahu sweets and desserts that I find myself ordering (and devouring) again and again:

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Hawaii Five-Oh so craveable eats


I once dated a guy from Hawaii and recently, I’ve been wondering if I was in-love with him so much as I was in-love with the islands. I’ve visited Oahu three times this year (LAX-HNL flights feel like a hop and a skip compared to EWR-HNL) and just spent the past week at The Modern Honolulu, soaking in the sunshine while Los Angeles dropped to a frosty 40 degrees. I’m not a local, but Hawaii’s organic Asian-American culture always feels like home and the Asian fusion food fits my palate perfectly. Long before I book my tickets, I’m already dreaming of the ono (delicious) foods I can eat again. Here’s a list of my must-eats whenever I’m in town. These aren’t the most off-the-beaten-track or fancy restaurants, they’re just the places I must visit on every trip.

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This Year’s Best Holiday Gift Set (and how to make almond jelly)

I’ve always loved almond scents. I think it’s because almond jelly, flavored with bizarre-but-delicious imitation almond extract, was one of the few things my dad could cook. It was always a treat when he made this simple dessert and I still associate the sweet smell of almonds with comfort and cleanliness (maybe because of almond jelly’s pristine white color?). That’s why my pick for this year’s best holiday gift set is L’Occitane’s Almond Enchantment. Not only is it a great value at $68 (instead of $98), but it also comes packed with a just-for-holiday jumbo bottle of my favorite Almond Shower Oil—with a pump!  Continue reading