Genius Gift Idea for Super Picky People (Like Me)

Do you have loved ones on your holiday list that are extremely difficult to shop for? Whether they’re super picky people or your lucky friends who already have everything they could possibly want, here’s the perfect holiday gift for them: the Soma Water Filter and PitcherContinue reading

At the top of my holiday wish list: the cutest slippers ever!

Maybe it’s the chilly weather (and the arctic conditions in my apartment), but I’ve been buying up comfy slippers like a storm. My new heather grey Ugg Cozy Knits are a dream, but for pure whimsy, nothing beats these shearling-lined Marc by Marc Velvet & Metallic Leather Mouse Slippers (especially in the grey color). Aren’t they adorable? I bet my cats would love them too. $198, available at Saks, but I’m waiting for them to go on sale again at

Keep it clean: Is your cell phone making you sick?

Did you know that your cell phone harbors the same bacteria as a public bathroom? It’s time for some screen cleaning. With the demise of my beloved Blackberry, I switched to a touchscreen Windows phone and am paranoid when I see grease on the screen after I make a phone call. But what about the germs I can’t see? Continue reading