Stretch it out: Exhale Santa Monica

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At my last check up, I told my doctor about the mysterious headaches that I was getting. I’m not migraine-prone, so I wasn’t sure what this new pain was all about. My guess was computer eyestrain, but after attempting to roll my head around (a tug of war with my doctor saying, “Relax” and me replying, “I am relaxed. This is me relaxed.”), doc noticed that I couldn’t touch my chin to my chest, which apparently is not normal for a thirty-something woman (Note: my almost seventy-something mom has no problem with this exercise). Doc recommended that I start taking yoga classes immediately to limber up my neck muscles and prevent the tightening that was giving me headaches. Now, I’m not exactly an exercise enthusiast (although I have been trying to hike more—I live in Los Angeles most of the time now, I might as well take advantage of it), so I put off the yoga prescription. But then Exhale Santa Monica started offering yoga classes with a complimentary first class, so I figured I would give it a try today… Continue reading