3 Reasons To Go To Catalina Island

???????????????????If you live in Los Angeles and haven’t been to Catalina yet, what are you waiting for? Just $72.50 (round trip on the Catalina Express ferry—the Island Express helicopter takes only 15 minutes, but costs $250 round trip) lands you in Avalon, a tiny beach town that feels like a cross between a sleepy Mediterranean seaside village and a good, old-fashioned American boardwalk. I hadn’t been since I was a kid (actually, the verdict is out on whether I’ve ever been—my mom can’t remember exactly and I didn’t recognize Avalon at all), but I went this past weekend for an early birthday present and it was the perfect two-day getaway. You feel like you’re really away on vacation, even though you’re only one hour away from the Southern California coastline.

And if you find yourself on this island oasis, here are the three things you have to do: Continue reading

Today’s Hulk-Green Power Drink

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????Check out my crazy breakfast drink this morning from Hugo’s on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. This is Hugo’s Green Juice Blend, a surprisingly delicious mix of orange, banana, liquid chlorophyll, rice bran syrup, and extra virgin olive oil(!!). It arrived at my table looking disturbingly verdant (with a slight blue tinge) but ended up tasting like a thinner version of Jamba’s classic Orange-A-Peel smoothie. I was especially afraid (and intrigued) by the extra virgin olive oil, but couldn’t taste it at all in the drink. My waitress recommended this juice by saying it would make me feel like a rockstar for the rest of the day, so how could I not order it?


Melanoma Monday: I have a suspicious mole on my leg!

photo courtesy of Marie Claire

photo courtesy of Marie Claire

May is officially Melanoma Awareness Month and today is Melanoma Monday, so I have some scary news to report: I might have skin cancer! After my annual mole screening last month, a suspicious spot on my right leg needs to be biopsied to see if it’s precancerous or worse… So why did a seemingly innocent mole that’s been on my skin for decades (and dismissed as okay by all my previous dermatologist mole checks) suddenly get the red flag?  Continue reading