Mani Monday: Summer Strawberries



Yes, Lana del Rey, now that it’s mid-August, I’m having some Summertime Sadness (mostly dreading the shorter days and mega-allergies of fall). But summer’s not over yet so I decided that I wanted a strawberry manicure this week. After all, what fruit epitomizes summer more than strawberries (okay, maybe watermelon)? So it’s another Monday and I have another amazing Azusa manicure.

Here’s Azusa’s photo:

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.52.30 AMNote: I chose a baby pink strawberry for my right ring finger to tie in the tip shade I chose for my French manicure.


My New Favorite Dry Shampoo



After years of grad school, my good friend Tania rejoins the workforce today (let’s all wish her luck!). In preparation for her first day back in corporate America, Tania had to cut down her morning grooming ritual. Now that she was facing a long commute, daily hair washing, blowdrying, and flat-ironing just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Tania needed a secret weapon to help stretch out her blowouts. Continue reading