Creepy Kitties

We all know I love cats, but there’s something about this Forever 21 tank top that really creeps me out. Maybe it’s the kittens dancing with their paws in the air below the DJ booth? And is it just me or does DJ Tabby have an evil look in his eye? Kitties, don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

Just Another Mimi Monday

It’s Thanksgiving week! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (I’ve already started prepping my dishes) and in true glutton fashion, I’ll be going to two dinners this year (so thankful for my family and friends). The first dinner starts at 4:30pm, so on this Mimi Monday, Mimi is modeling what I’ll look like by 7pm this Thursday. If you couldn’t tell, I’m already looking forward to all the feasting and food coma–how about you? Happy Thanksgiving!

San Francisco Treats (Sweet Edition)

Rice-A-Roni may be the original San Francisco treat (yum yum) but this city on the bay has some sweeter treats that deserve some attention too…

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Butterrings Are Delicious

New delicious food discovery: Butterrings, a Danish pastry that’s basically a flaky pie crust filled with buttery, mini cinnamon bun-like (minus the cinnamon but with the icing) rolls–I guess these are the butter rings? The version I had at The Anderson on State Street in Santa Barbara was filled with marzipan, which gave the whole pastry a delicious super sweet almond flavor. Yum!