Chin Up: The V-Shape Face Asians Are Obsessed With

Chin UpMy college roommate once told me that she read in a (pre-millennial, un-PC) textbook that Asian faces were characterized by their shovel shape. Translation: a prominent, square jawline with a meaner, more masculine look. While this may be an advantage for stern Tiger Moms, most Asian women want to look as feminine as possible, so when doctors discovered that injecting Botox to relax the jaw muscles would soften facial angles and create a more oval appearance, the treatment took off. Now the trend is spreading stateside and there’s a new injectable called Kybella that that was just FDA-approved to melt away the fat in double chins. In my latest Marie Claire article, I investigate all the ways women try to slim their face shapes and chisel their jawlines, from lasers to lifting serums. Read more here: Jawline August 2015