Am I turning into an old lady?


I was in London last month on assignment for Marie Claire (I love my job!) and became obsessed with Liberty prints. How can you not love these adorable shower caps with pastel flowers (above)? Am I turning into an old lady with this grandmotherly taste?


Another sign that I may be turning into an old lady: While I was at Liberty House (the quaint department store that looks like a Tudor house and sells everything from needlepoint kits—surprisingly expensive—to Stella McCartney), I suddenly decided that I should start using old-fashioned cloth handkerchiefs. Now maybe it was because my nose was chapped and peeling from surviving my London cold with terrible, sandpapery hotel tissues, but having a soft piece of beautiful cloth to blow your nose into just seemed very luxurious. So I bought two Liberty print handkerchiefs (above). The saleslady suggested I wash them in hot water to get rid of germs.

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