Art or Trash?

While strolling through the streets of NYC, my friend Kyle and I like to play a game called: Art or Trash? You see, there are many public works of art spread around the city but sometimes it’s easy to confuse these with the colorful garbage that’s also strewn about. (Disclaimer: although Kyle has a very impressive collection, neither of us are art experts). For instance, dingy plastic straps (the kind that you might find inside electronic packages for shipping or used as hand-cuffs) wrapped around lamp posts around Astor Place: Art or Trash? Art. But what about this wooden casket left behind a gated fence on the corner of Houston and Lafayette?

2 thoughts on “Art or Trash?

  1. HYSTERICAL – Joe and I play this game too – it all started after a trip to The New Museum. For those who have never been it’s quite a strange place. There was a random banana peel on the floor. ART or TRASH?