Lobster Rolls and Butterscotch Sundaes

J and I made a quick trip to NYC this past weekend and while we made our usual pilgrimage to Pearl Oyster Bar for lobster rolls, what I didn’t expect was to show up again the next night as well–for dessert only. Full disclosure: between the two of us, J and I consumed SIX of Pearl’s butterscotch praline parfaits within 24 hours(!) and I’m still thinking of those delicious, crunchy butterscotch sundaes a couple of days later (with longing, not disgust). I was always a devoted fan of Pearl’s wild blueberry pie, but had to branch out with my dessert selection when summer ended. Now I must admit that my love for the parfait has eclipsed my feelings for the pie. Next time you’re in NYC, stop by at Pearl’s for a lobster roll and a butterscotch praline parfait. I will.

I Heart Gelato

A trip to Italy always means a gelato-a-day (at the bare minimum!). Even though it was only 60 degrees in Lake Como last week, I still had to take advantage of being in gelateria central and stuff my face with as much gelato I could get my gluttonous paws on. While fior di latte (milk–imagine vanilla ice cream without the vanilla flavoring), yogurt, and black currant are my usual gelato favorites, I discovered a new love this time in Bella Italia… Continue reading

Hot Cross Buns, Hot Cross Buns

Ever since I learned the three-note “Hot Cross Buns” song on my recorder in nursery school, I’ve always wondered what an actual hot cross bun tasted like. Sure I saw the illustration that accompanied the simple sheet music (with the drawing of the mustachioed baker selling his buns), but the buns pretty much looked like brown bread rolls with an X on top–did they taste just as plain? Continue reading

January 2nd: Detox Day

Since January 1st is still officially a holiday (and a glorious day off), my policy is to start all dietary resolutions on the 2nd (or Monday, if New Year’s falls on a weekend). This year, I’m detoxing my body by going gluten-free this month. Wish me luck!