January 2nd: Detox Day

Since January 1st is still officially a holiday (and a glorious day off), my policy is to start all dietary resolutions on the 2nd (or Monday, if New Year’s falls on a weekend). This year, I’m detoxing my body by going gluten-free this month. Wish me luck!

San Francisco Treats (Sweet Edition)

Rice-A-Roni may be the original San Francisco treat (yum yum) but this city on the bay has some sweeter treats that deserve some attention too…

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Butterrings Are Delicious

New delicious food discovery: Butterrings, a Danish pastry that’s basically a flaky pie crust filled with buttery, mini cinnamon bun-like (minus the cinnamon but with the icing) rolls–I guess these are the butter rings? The version I had at The Anderson on State Street in Santa Barbara was filled with marzipan, which gave the whole pastry a delicious super sweet almond flavor. Yum!

The Most Expensive Scallion Pancake

Ingredients: flour + salt + water + oil + scallions + emergency root canal + crown.

In a stroke of bad luck today, I bit into this crispy, homemade scallion pancake today. Delicious. But when I started chewing, I noticed something wasn’t quite right with my left molar filling. The more I chewed, the more the pancake would stick to the split, separating the tooth from the filling and making me feel like I had a loose pebble in my mouth. I’ll spare you any more gory details, but this scallion pancake-cracked tooth ended up costing me an emergency root canal and crown. But I’m not holding a grudge against scallion pancakes, which are still one of my favorite things to eat. Here’s how to make your own at home (just don’t eat these when you have a suspicious molar or filling):

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