Bougainvillea Bonsai

WP_000509I was at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden this past Sunday (and almost passed out from the heat and humidity), where I came across this beauty: a bougainvillea bonsai! I’ve never seen anything like this before—in Los Angeles, bougainvillea usually grow into giant wall-covering bushes—but it reminds me of mom’s house in California, where my neighbor’s bougainvillea has pretty much taken over our backyard (in a good way, like a wall of leaves and flowers). The bright pink blooms are a pain to rake, but boy are they pretty! This bougainvillea bonsai looks much more manageable. I just wish a makeup company would make a lipstick in this shade.


Crudité Garden!

Crudite GardenIt sure feels like summer today in Los Angeles and that just made me think of the genius Crudité Garden I experienced at a St. Ives and FitSugar event last month in honor of Mandy Ingber’s new book Yogalosophy. The organic “soil” was made from chopped black olives and crispy rice (tasted like crunchy tapenade) and everything was completely edible. There were even dressings dispensed from old-fashioned aluminum watering cans. Now if you don’t know who Mandy Ingber is, you’re missing out. Here’s how she changed my life… Continue reading

A Look Back at My Favorite 2012 Trend: Purple!



I was out shopping with my college roommate Jenyi and her adorable daughter yesterday, whose favorite color is purple (her daughter’s; Jenyi’s more into electric blue these days). That made me remember that my friend Nuy‘s little princess also loves purple best. Now I definitely went through a purple phase too when I was about their age (after my love affair with pink and before my obsession with white) and I think I was back in the violet mood this year.

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