I’m a cartoon!

Cartoon Ning

A good friend of mine has started a comic strip called Ad Girl and the Bear. Semi-autobiographical (she works in advertising and went to one of the UC schools with a bear-type mascot) and based on her hilarious dating (mis)adventures, this cartoon blog is simply, awesome. I can’t wait for Ad Girl and the Bear graphic novels, Ad Girl and the Bear merchandise, and of course Ad Girl and the Bear movies. Hello Hollywood! This is the new Sex and the City (sorry, Girls just depresses me and The Carrie Diaries doesn’t even have SJP’s stamp of approval). Just for fun, Ad Girl drew an avatar of me—maybe I’ll even make a cameo in a future story!

Ning’s Relationship Reading List


As a successful, 30-something woman, I find the one thing that’s most difficult in my life to figure out (and get right) is the same Achilles’ heel shared by most of my successful, 30-something female friends: love. Why is it so hard to find the right person and even harder to have a lasting, drama-free relationship? Sure, I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I love and adore, but because I care about him so much, I feel like I need to do my due diligence and work on the relationship. And my favorite self-help homework? Reading relationship advice books. Continue reading