Summer Makeup Shopping Spree Part 2


Another week, another summer makeup shopping spree. After my spending frenzy at the Melrose Avenue store, I was still missing a blush I wanted (Melrose was sold out) so while I was in New York City, I headed to Nars Cosmetics central—the Bleecker Street store—and did some more damage. I just can’t seem to get enough of their chubby lip pencils! I’m pretty sure these colors will work year-round, so hopefully my bank account and Nars will be parting ways for at least a couple of months. Here’s what I picked up:

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The Ultimate Summer Beach Bag


Have you heard of Thursday Friday bags yet? I discovered these chic, canvas carry-alls years ago when I was flipping through a magazine and saw what looked like an Hermès Birkin—for $65. What?! Turns out, it was the image of a Birkin-inspired bag (if you look closely, there are no brand names or logos), emblazoned on a soft canvas tote that you can carry anywhere. A fun, high-low statement, Thursday Friday‘s tongue-in-cheek designs are a wink to fashion lovers who don’t take themselves too seriously. Their Hèrmes-ish totes have sold out, but Thursday Friday‘s launching its new Artists collection tomorrow (available for Pre-Order now). For each limited edition collaboration in this collection, Thursday Friday has teamed up with a contemporary artist to design exclusive new patterns. I’ve already got my eye on the Artists Together Bag, Red Diamonds (above), which looks like a watercolor illustration of a classic Chanel quilted purse—in a sassy tomato red that’s perfect for summer.

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Coral Springs in L.A.



Apparently, I’m in a coral state of mind this season. Here are my latest coral acquisitions: my new baby, the Coach Saffiano Leather Mini Satchel, and the three nail polishes that I plan to wear all summer long. Continue reading