Keep it clean: Is your cell phone making you sick?

Did you know that your cell phone harbors the same bacteria as a public bathroom? It’s time for some screen cleaning. With the demise of my beloved Blackberry, I switched to a touchscreen Windows phone and am paranoid when I see grease on the screen after I make a phone call. But what about the germs I can’t see? Continue reading

Subway Etiquette

It never ceases to amaze me what people think is appropriate behavior in public. Yes New Yorkers, our apartments are ridiculously tiny and it can be tempting to steal bits of the city to expand our real estate (case in point: who hasn’t sunbathed on Central Park’s Great Lawn?). But certain boundaries must be drawn so we can all stay sane and forget that we’re packed on this small island like sardines. So this brings me to the subway and my public service announcement/pretty please plea. Continue reading