Crudité Garden!

Crudite GardenIt sure feels like summer today in Los Angeles and that just made me think of the genius Crudité Garden I experienced at a St. Ives and FitSugar event last month in honor of Mandy Ingber’s new book Yogalosophy. The organic “soil” was made from chopped black olives and crispy rice (tasted like crunchy tapenade) and everything was completely edible. There were even dressings dispensed from old-fashioned aluminum watering cans. Now if you don’t know who Mandy Ingber is, you’re missing out. Here’s how she changed my life…

A lifetime ago, I was nursing an especially stubborn broken heart back in New York City when on a whim, I took home Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosphy DVD from the beauty closet. Mandy’s 30 minute workout not only helped heal my emotional wounds (she goes through some heart-opening poses in the half hour session), but also kicked my butt with her Jane Fonda-esque toning moves (like the “fire hydrant”). Sometimes you need a catalyst to get over a breakup and strangely enough, Yogalosophy is what did it for me.

Years later, this is still my favorite workout DVD. I can feel the soreness for days after (yes, I’m a weakling, but I use the sore muscles as an excuse to avoid more exercise). I was hoping that I would be able to have Mandy as a yoga teacher in real life when I moved to Los Angeles (especially after taking a special class she hosted for FitSugar), but alas she only teaches privately at the moment. I guess her celebrity clients like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Beckinsale don’t want to share (although Kate Beckinsale did have her yoga class with Mandy and Chelsea Handler taped on After Lately).