Detoxing With Charcoal Soap

Charcoal has been popular in Asia for a while now as a detoxifying agent, but it’s taken us Americans a while to wrap our heads around the idea that black charcoal could be cleansing. That said, we’re perfectly comfortable using charcoal as a filter (like in a Brita), we just don’t need to know about it. Ever wonder what that black stuff is on the bottom of your Brita filter? It’s charcoal! Now Bioré has a charcoal-infused face wash and I’ve been using this sulfate-free, Black BAR bamboo charcoal-based soap since the beginning of the year. Now that it’s almost March, I’m ready to give my report.

Infused with olive, coconut, palm, and castor oil, as well as cocoa butter and silk (along with bamboo charcoal, these are the only ingredients in this bar–pretty amazing, huh?), the Black BAR soap isn’t really a soap per se, because it doesn’t contain typical surfactants (foaming agents) like sulfates, yet it lathers as well as any bar soap. I didn’t notice any crazy signs that I was detoxifying these past months, but I didn’t break out on my back either, even though I started exercising again after being on hiatus for a while (the holiday season). The biggest difference I did notice is that after my shower, my skin never felt stripped, dry, or itchy. Getting clean never felt so good.