Genius Gift Idea for Super Picky People (Like Me)

Do you have loved ones on your holiday list that are extremely difficult to shop for? Whether they’re super picky people or your lucky friends who already have everything they could possibly want, here’s the perfect holiday gift for them: the Soma Water Filter and Pitcher

If you’re like me, you wonder what happens to all those Brita water filters every time you replace them (which isn’t nearly often enough). Where does all that white plastic (and charcoal) go? Are they filtering water at the recycling plant? Are they filtering through all the crap at the dump?

Well, the genius Ido Leffler (chief carrot guy at the fun Yes to Carrots brand) has a new eco-friendly project: all-natural, compostable water filters made from coconut shells, vegan silk (don’t worry, this silk doesn’t even know what a cocoon is), and food-based PLA plastic. With its hourglass carafe, the Soma water filter and pitcher is modern, elegant, and a big improvement on ugly plastic pitchers. Check it out on kickstarter.