Good To The Last Drop


Here are the beauty products I used up this week…

Lancer Polish: A gritty but suprisingly gentle daily facial scrub from Beverly HIlls dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer (a.k.a. the Kardashians’ skin doctor) that saw me through the summer.

Glide Deep Clean Floss: Glide floss converted me to flossing many years ago and I still swear by it.

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Smoothing Body Scrub: What’s Victoria’s real secret? The fact that men love their fragrances. Seriously, while my expensive designer perfume may elicit compliments from women, I’ve found that men respond best to a simple scented body scrub from Victoria’s Secret. The exfoliating sugar crystals in this formula melt in the shower and foam slightly, which makes me feel more clean. I love this scrub so much, I went back to Victoria’s Secret and bought five more tubes: