I Heart Gelato

A trip to Italy always means a gelato-a-day (at the bare minimum!). Even though it was only 60 degrees in Lake Como last week, I still had to take advantage of being in gelateria central and stuff my face with as much gelato I could get my gluttonous paws on. While fior di latte (milk–imagine vanilla ice cream without the vanilla flavoring), yogurt, and black currant are my usual gelato favorites, I discovered a new love this time in Bella Italia…

Melone gelato! I don’t know if it was because cantaloupe is in season right now (is it?) or because cantaloupe in Italy is just superior to what we have here in the States (maybe that’s why Italians have dishes like prosciutto and melon while we have hollowed-out watermelon shells filled with tasteless melon balls?), but the melon gelato was especially decadent and delicious, like the purest essence of melon flavor concentrated into an icy treat. I wish I had some right now.