Is Indoor Pollution Making Me Ugly?

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-9-33-01-amNow that it’s finally feeling like fall over here in Los Angeles (it’s even raining now as I type this), I’m finally shutting my windows and closing my patio door. Which makes me more at risk for the accelerated aging (brown spots, wrinkles, dry skin) and acne that indoor pollution causes. Turns out, “sick buildings” aren’t just science fiction. They’re a real threat. Did you know that indoor air can be FIVE times more polluted than outdoor air (and sometimes the pollutant level is as much as 100 times higher!)?

So even in smoggy Los Angeles, I’m better off opening my windows and letting the air circulate than shutting myself in and letting everything stagnate and concentrate indoors. Gross!

But it’s raining outside… Good thing I stocked up on air purifiers and anti-pollution skin products after writing my latest story for Marie Claire, “Home Improvement.” In the article, I also cover water filters for the shower (if you’re looking for cleaner drinking water, I highly recommend the Berkey water filter system, which removes chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics; it’s used by the military and British royal family, NBD). Read all about indoor pollution’s assault on your health and appearance and find out what to do about it in my November Marie Claire story: Home Improvement