Neutrogena Body Oil Lover Grows Up

Ever since I was a seventh grader, Neutrogena Body Oil always seemed like such a glamorous moisturizer. I was sucked in by the commercials*—all that endless silky skin was something I knew (at eleven years old) I had to have in order to be an attractive woman. And so I rubbed on the “light sesame formula” after my bath, hoping I would someday be as enticing as the beautiful women in the ads (even if I still hadn’t hit puberty yet). The only problem with my precious Neutrogena Body Oil is that I always poured too much out of the bottle, which would dribble out between my fingertips and leave double-black-diamond-dangerous slippery spots on the bathroom tile. Sure my skin was soft and I loved the Neutrogena Body Oil’s unique sexy nutty scent, but I didn’t like all the bruises I was getting from sliding against the counter and felt vaguely like a greaseball (I told you I always ended up pouring out way too much) so I gave up on my body oil ritual once I got to high school and developed a serious St. Ives Collagen and Elastin Body Lotion habit.

But sometime after I left Los Angeles for college, I started to despise putting on lotion. It seemed like such a chore to slather it on and wait for it to stop feeling so wet. But then in my beauty editor days, I rediscovered body oil, especially dry body oil. While not exactly an instantly absorbing formula (no matter what the companies say), dry body oil is typically a blend of oils (such as jojoba) which are smaller in size so they penetrate more quickly. And while body oil (even if it says “dry” on the bottle) does take longer than lotion to absorb, it makes my arms and legs look freaking amazing. Like I’ve got my glow on, without a tan or a bronzer. Like there’s a spotlight on my skin, making my legs look longer and my arms leaner.

French fragrance house Roger & Gallet (makers of those iconic round soaps you find in every French perfumery) just launched a new Huile Sublime (in their Bois D’Orange scent, which reminds me of orange blossoms) that boasts six natural oils: argan, macadamia, evening primrose, sweet almond, camellia, and sesame. I especially love that this light formula comes in a spray bottle, so there’s no risk of applying too much. It’s like a grown-up and even more glamorous version of my beloved Neutrogena Body Oil and my new summertime staple, especially if I’m wearing shorts.

Other body oils I love:

Avène Body Oil: This golden elixir somehow manages to smooth out the chicken skin KP on the back of my arms. The scent reminds me of Chanel Allure, which I wore all through college.

Fresh Rice Dry Oil: Okay, I realize that I’m focusing heavily on the fragrance of each of these oils, but I think it’s really important! I had one body oil that was grapeseed-based and sank quickly into my skin, but I hated the smell. I’m still trying to get that yucky oil’s lingering odor out of my velvet couch. This Fresh Rice Dry Oil smells deliciously like apricots, but beware, it’s a bit on the greasier side so don’t use too much.

Kai Body Glow: This smells amazing, just like the cult favorite fragrance! I love spraying this on my legs in the summertime.

Saffron James Monoi de Mo’Orea in Tiare: This oil is a bit difficult because it solidifies in colder temperatures but if I’m feeling patient enough to fish it out of the bottle, it’s my favorite because it smells like Hawaii in a bottle.

Grapeseed oil: For a fast-penetrating shot of moisture and sheen, there’s nothing like pure grapeseed oil (I get mine from Trader Joe’s). Unlike olive, which I find is difficult to absorb and smelly, grapeseed is light and pretty much odorless.


* Actress Jennifer Garner once admitted to me that she too tried Neutrogena Body Oil because of the ads, which is ironic because now she’s a spokeswoman for Neutrogena!