Keep it clean: Is your cell phone making you sick?

Did you know that your cell phone harbors the same bacteria as a public bathroom? It’s time for some screen cleaning. With the demise of my beloved Blackberry, I switched to a touchscreen Windows phone and am paranoid when I see grease on the screen after I make a phone call. But what about the germs I can’t see?

Have you ever seen someone walking out of a public bathroom stall clutching her phone (or worse, texting)? Imagine all the nastiness that she’s transferring to her phone. Breakouts are just the tip of the iceberg—how about viruses and stomach-churning bacteria? Gross!

Apple sells special screen cleaning sprays for their iphones and ipads, but I’ve found a much simpler solution for disinfecting touchscreen phones and tablets: GoSwype. This microfiber cleaning cloth kills 98% off germs and bacteria, traps dust particles, removes fingerprints, and won’t scratch or leave streaks. Cell phone hygiene is a must. Think of the $1.99 GoSwype price tag as an investment in your health.