Hawaii Five-Oh so craveable eats


I once dated a guy from Hawaii and recently, I’ve been wondering if I was in-love with him so much as I was in-love with the islands. I’ve visited Oahu three times this year (LAX-HNL flights feel like a hop and a skip compared to EWR-HNL) and just spent the past week at The Modern Honolulu, soaking in the sunshine while Los Angeles dropped to a frosty 40 degrees. I’m not a local, but Hawaii’s organic Asian-American culture always feels like home and the Asian fusion food fits my palate perfectly. Long before I book my tickets, I’m already dreaming of the ono (delicious) foods I can eat again. Here’s a list of my must-eats whenever I’m in town. These aren’t the most off-the-beaten-track or fancy restaurants, they’re just the places I must visit on every trip.

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