Is Indoor Pollution Making Me Ugly?

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-9-33-01-amNow that it’s finally feeling like fall over here in Los Angeles (it’s even raining now as I type this), I’m finally shutting my windows and closing my patio door. Which makes me more at risk for the accelerated aging (brown spots, wrinkles, dry skin) and acne that indoor pollution causes. Turns out, “sick buildings” aren’t just science fiction. They’re a real threat. Did you know that indoor air can be FIVE times more polluted than outdoor air (and sometimes the pollutant level is as much as 100 times higher!)? Continue reading

Future of Beauty

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.13.55 AMThe next big thing in beauty? How about fragrance messaging apps, dry skin sensors that communicate with your smartphone, and hair extensions that enable you to send a text, share your location, or call for help? In my latest Marie Claire story, “Pretty Smart” (in the January 2016 issue), I explore the latest technology that’s shaking up the science world and how these advances translate to beauty. While researching this piece, I was amazed by all the breakthrough inventions and discoveries. For instance, soon we’ll be able to smell the Marcona almond gelato in your friend’s social media feed. I can’t wait! Continue reading

Rinse Cycle: Is Tap Water Your Skin’s Worst Enemy?

Rinse CycleWhen I studied abroad in Paris my junior year of college, my tiny apartment in Latin Quarter had the most delicious tap water. I attributed the perfect blend of minerals to the ancient pipes in my district (which still had public fountains left over from the Roman Empire). My friends would come over with their empty bottles of Volvic or Evian and fill up at my kitchen sink. But that semester, my skin went crazy, breaking out and feeling itchy. Now I know why. In my latest Marie Clarie article, I investigate why tap water wreaks havoc on skin, causing acne, dryness, irritation, and even accelerating aging. And that crisp, refreshing Parisian water? While the high mineral content makes it great for producing wonderfully crusty baguettes, it also makes the water especially tough on the complexion. Which is why micellar cleansing waters, like Bioderma Créaline, are so popular in France. Check it out: Rinse Cycle

Do You Need Eye Cream?

Entry Level Anti-AgingThe first signs of aging seem to come without warning. My personal marks of time are enlarged pores on my T-zone, brown spots sprinkled across my cheeks, and horizontal forehead lines that seem to multiply like Mogwai after midnight. But when is the best time to start using anti-aging products like eye creams and wrinkle serums? In this month’s issue of Glamour magazine, I investigate the skin care ingredients that will actually stop your face from morphing into your mother’s, and what products are a waste of money. Entry level anti-aging starts here: Younger-Looking Skin: What Works, What Doesn’t