Anti-Gravity Skincare

April 2016 Antigravity Skincare Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.01.04 AMNeed an excuse to skip your exercise class today? How’s this: Repeated up and down movements (think running, trampoline, jump rope) speed up aging in your skin, causing sagging, crepiness, and wrinkles. That’s because gravity plays a pivotal role in aging, by constantly pulling down on the skin on your poor face (or on your knees—hello saggy knee skin!). High impact workouts only exacerbate this effect, so you can either opt for the elliptical machine instead of a run every once in a while, or try the new skincare products designed to firm skin and protect it from gravity’s effects. Read all about it in my latest story for Marie Claire: April 2016 Antigravity Skincare