Living Well from A to Z

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I’m so proud of my latest Marie Claire story (in the July issue, out on newsstands now). It’s pretty much a compilation of every health and wellness tip and trend I’ve learned since I moved back home to Los Angeles 7 (!!) years ago. From adaptogens and EMFs to gratitude and noise pollution, here’s everything you need to know right now about keeping your mind, body, and spirit in shape: Living Well from A to Z

Today’s Hulk-Green Power Drink

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????Check out my crazy breakfast drink this morning fromĀ Hugo’s on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. This is Hugo’s Green Juice Blend, a surprisingly delicious mix of orange, banana, liquid chlorophyll, rice bran syrup, and extra virgin olive oil(!!). It arrived at my table looking disturbingly verdant (with a slight blue tinge) but ended up tasting like a thinner version of Jamba’s classic Orange-A-Peel smoothie. I was especially afraid (and intrigued) by the extra virgin olive oil, but couldn’t taste it at all in the drink. My waitress recommended this juice by saying it would make me feel like a rockstar for the rest of the day, so how could I not order it?