Finally, I have more hair!

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.48.46 PMMy hair loss struggles have been a long (and sometimes sad) saga, but in the latest issue of Marie Claire, I share the Danish treatment that’s finally helped me see more strands—without risky prescriptions or painful procedures (PRP and mesotherapy on the scalp weren’t worth all the needle pricks). This Road Test was very personal to me because thinning hair has always been my biggest insecurity. After more than a decade of testing treatments and supplements, I’ve finally found something that works, giving me a noticeable improvement in scalp coverage (unlike other treatments which just helped prevent the loss from getting worse). And I’m very excited to report that Harklinkken will be opening up a clinic in Beverly Hills in a couple of months! In the meantime, check out my Marie Claire story in the February 2016 issue, or here: Marie Claire February 2016 Through Thick & Thin

Sometimes You Just Need A Little Therapy

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 3.16.17 PM

Maybe it’s a sign that I’ve been in Los Angeles too long (high quality extensions are the dirty little secret to all those luxuriously thick heads of hair I see on the streets here), but I’ve been playing around with clip-in extension pieces recently (check out the lilac HairUWear POP put on piece mermaid braid I got at Nine Zero One salon’s new extension bar—above), but I never knew how to care for the falsies. Do I have to shampoo them? Mask them? Trim them? That’s why The Private Room salon’s Locks Lab Extension Service Menu is just genius. Whether you want to play around and have a pro help you choose your clip-ins (a service they call “The First Date”), custom-color and trim them (“The Commitment”), or you want to get permanent extensions (“I Do”), you can get it all done at this boutique Beverly Hills salon that’s one of my absolute faves. On a recent visit for a color and cut with owner Tina Dizon (best voluminous blow out in L.A.—this Southern girl knows how to make hair stay full!), I decided my clip-ins needed some serious “Therapy.” Continue reading

Hair Growth Challenge Part 3: 2 Month Update

After finally getting a trim from Yuya Takahashi at the Sally Hershberger Los Angeles salon, my hair feels thicker and healthier. All those scraggly longer layers (from my self-split end trimming) are gone and while my hair is shorter than its been in years, my friend Tania said it’s age-appropriate and more glamorous. And after all, with my Appearex biotin supplements, my long hair will grow back in no time, right?

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Hair Growth Challenge Part 2: 1 Month Update

Now I just noticed that it’s been about a month since I started taking Appearex biotin supplements for my hair (okay, it’s been five weeks) and I thought it was time for me to post an update. So here’s my verdict: This stuff really works! Continue reading