Naked On The Run Makeup

NingloretteThis time last week I was packing for my bachelorette weekend (#ninglorette) in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Too bad the new Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette wasn’t out yet (it launched on Monday) because it could’ve saved me a lot of packing space! Here’s a list of all the makeup I brought to Mexico, most of which could’ve been substituted with the limited edition Naked On The Run palette: Continue reading

Why Testing Foundation On Your Hand Is A Bad Idea

WP_000247Years of walking out of shops and beauty closets with the wrong shade of foundation have taught me that just because a makeup color blends seamlessly on the back of your hand, that doesn’t mean it’s the right match for your face. And now I have scientific proof why! I dragged myself to the Hollywood & Highland mall/tourist trap yesterday morning because the huge Sephora emporium there was demonstrating their new Sephora + Pantone Color IQ—a cutting-edge technology that promises to help you choose the right shade of foundation without even having to swatch a product on your face. How do they do it?

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