Mani Monday: Damask Nails

Straight from the New York Fashion Week runways (specifically the Veronica Beard show), my new fall manicure is not Calgel (I’m giving my nails a break from the gel because they were peeling and thinning). According to the artist behind my mani masterpiece, Essie manicurist Michelle (who also painted the models’ nails backstage at Veronica Beard), this is the easiest nail art to DIY: Start with two coats of colored polish (I’m wearing Essie in Vested Interest, a new fall shade), then apply a layer of matte top coat over each nail. To create a damask-like design just like mine, paint squiggles and dots with a shiny top coat. I’m going to try this myself next time with shiny top coat stripes–then it’ll really look just like damask!

Mani Monday: Summer Strawberries



Yes, Lana del Rey, now that it’s mid-August, I’m having some Summertime Sadness (mostly dreading the shorter days and mega-allergies of fall). But summer’s not over yet so I decided that I wanted a strawberry manicure this week. After all, what fruit epitomizes summer more than strawberries (okay, maybe watermelon)? So it’s another Monday and I have another amazing Azusa manicure.

Here’s Azusa’s photo:

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.52.30 AMNote: I chose a baby pink strawberry for my right ring finger to tie in the tip shade I chose for my French manicure.


Mani Monday: pppp-pandas!



Check out my new gel mani! My manicurist Azusa is heading to New York City next week to compete as a finalist in Sally Hansen‘s I Heart Nail Art contest. Obviously Azusa deserves to win (my panda was child’s play for her— it didn’t even take her a minute to draw!). Here’s a better pic of my panda nails—shot by Azusa herself: Continue reading