Future of Beauty

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.13.55 AMThe next big thing in beauty? How about fragrance messaging apps, dry skin sensors that communicate with your smartphone, and hair extensions that enable you to send a text, share your location, or call for help? In my latest Marie Claire story, “Pretty Smart” (in the January 2016 issue), I explore the latest technology that’s shaking up the science world and how these advances translate to beauty. While researching this piece, I was amazed by all the breakthrough inventions and discoveries. For instance, soon we’ll be able to smell the Marcona almond gelato in your friend’s social media feed. I can’t wait! Continue reading

Why Testing Foundation On Your Hand Is A Bad Idea

WP_000247Years of walking out of shops and beauty closets with the wrong shade of foundation have taught me that just because a makeup color blends seamlessly on the back of your hand, that doesn’t mean it’s the right match for your face. And now I have scientific proof why! I dragged myself to the Hollywood & Highland mall/tourist trap yesterday morning because the huge Sephora emporium there was demonstrating their new Sephora + Pantone Color IQ—a cutting-edge technology that promises to help you choose the right shade of foundation without even having to swatch a product on your face. How do they do it?

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Hair Growth Challenge Part 2: 1 Month Update

Now I just noticed that it’s been about a month since I started taking Appearex biotin supplements for my hair (okay, it’s been five weeks) and I thought it was time for me to post an update. So here’s my verdict: This stuff really works! Continue reading

Building my bridesmaid side bun with pins and pads

photo courtesy of Christine Chung

My dear friend Tania got married on Saturday, and as a bridesmaid, I had the treat to get my hair done. And I mean done. Now as a beauty editor, I receive salon blowout invitations multiple times a week (although I actually have time to take advantage of these generous services only once every couple of months at most). But like a red carpet updo, wedding hairstyling is way more intense than a mere blowdry. Can you guess how many pins and shoulder pads (yes, I said shoulder pads) went into this simple side bun?

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