Lobster Rolls and Butterscotch Sundaes

J and I made a quick trip to NYC this past weekend and while we made our usual pilgrimage to Pearl Oyster Bar for lobster rolls, what I didn’t expect was to show up again the next night as well–for dessert only. Full disclosure: between the two of us, J and I consumed SIX of Pearl’s butterscotch praline parfaits within 24 hours(!) and I’m still thinking of those delicious, crunchy butterscotch sundaes a couple of days later (with longing, not disgust). I was always a devoted fan of Pearl’s wild blueberry pie, but had to branch out with my dessert selection when summer ended. Now I must admit that my love for the parfait has eclipsed my feelings for the pie. Next time you’re in NYC, stop by at Pearl’s for a lobster roll and a butterscotch praline parfait. I will.