Neutrogena Body Oil Lover Grows Up

Ever since I was a seventh grader, Neutrogena Body Oil always seemed like such a glamorous moisturizer. I was sucked in by the commercials*—all that endless silky skin was something I knew (at eleven years old) I had to have in order to be an attractive woman. And so I rubbed on the “light sesame formula” after my bath, hoping I would someday be as enticing as the beautiful women in the ads (even if I still hadn’t hit puberty yet). The only problem with my precious Neutrogena Body Oil is that I always poured too much out of the bottle, which would dribble out between my fingertips and leave double-black-diamond-dangerous slippery spots on the bathroom tile. Sure my skin was soft and I loved the Neutrogena Body Oil’s unique sexy nutty scent, but I didn’t like all the bruises I was getting from sliding against the counter and felt vaguely like a greaseball (I told you I always ended up pouring out way too much) so I gave up on my body oil ritual once I got to high school and developed a serious St. Ives Collagen and Elastin Body Lotion habit. Continue reading