Living Well from A to Z

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I’m so proud of my latest Marie Claire story (in the July issue, out on newsstands now). It’s pretty much a compilation of every health and wellness tip and trend I’ve learned since I moved back home to Los Angeles 7 (!!) years ago. From adaptogens and EMFs to gratitude and noise pollution, here’s everything you need to know right now about keeping your mind, body, and spirit in shape: Living Well from A to Z

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

I have a legendary gray jersey comforter cover that all of my house guests have wanted to steal. The reason? It’s extra cuddly and super soft (softer than your favorite T-shirt with no pilling or scratchy seams) and gets softer with every washing. Now I’ve had this duvet since college, so you can imagine how many laundry cycles it’s been through. The buttons have fallen off and there’s a hole on the top, but it’s still my favorite comforter cover, ever. Continue reading