My Favorite Summer Lip Balms

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My lips have an annoying tendency to peel off. I don’t know if my anti-aging face creams are migrating to my mouth when I sleep and sloughing off the sensitive layers or what, but my lips always feel dry, no matter how much Vaseline or lip balm I slather on before bed. And ever since I went bicoastal and started spending more of my time in sunny Los Angeles, I’m more worried about sun damage than ever. I slather SPF 50 sunscreen on my face every day, but what about my lips? A mottled and wrinkly mouth seriously isn’t sexy, but SPF lip balms are often thick and pasty, leaving a weird white residue that makes me want to lick, rub, and peel my lips even more. After a long, exhaustive search, I finally found these awesome, sunscreen-loaded lip balms that glide on smoothly, have a little shine (but don’t feel too sticky), and most importantly, moisturize. Continue reading