Summer Makeup Shopping Spree Part 2


Another week, another summer makeup shopping spree. After my spending frenzy at the Melrose Avenue store, I was still missing a blush I wanted (Melrose was sold out) so while I was in New York City, I headed to Nars Cosmetics central—the Bleecker Street store—and did some more damage. I just can’t seem to get enough of their chubby lip pencils! I’m pretty sure these colors will work year-round, so hopefully my bank account and Nars will be parting ways for at least a couple of months. Here’s what I picked up:

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Nars Summer Shopping Spree and the Chicest Bottle of Water



Although I’ve been a beauty editor for decades (my young face is a testament to all the anti-aging products I’ve tried), I still get excited about new makeup colors. That said, I can’t remember the last time I bought makeup (for myself) and am pretty lazy about changing up my usual repertoire of BB Cream, blush, and mascara. But when I was at an event the other day and realized I was wearing matte burgundy lipstick (not very appropriate for sunny L.A. weather), I knew it was time for some makeup overhaul. So I headed to the slick Nars flagship store on Melrose in Los Angeles and had a summer makeup shopping spree. Here’s what I splurged on: Continue reading