Summer Makeup Shopping Spree Part 2


Another week, another summer makeup shopping spree. After my spending frenzy at the Melrose Avenue store, I was still missing a blush I wanted (Melrose was sold out) so while I was in New York City, I headed to Nars Cosmetics central—the Bleecker Street store—and did some more damage. I just can’t seem to get enough of their chubby lip pencils! I’m pretty sure these colors will work year-round, so hopefully my bank account and Nars will be parting ways for at least a couple of months. Here’s what I picked up:

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The Ultimate Summer Beach Bag


Have you heard of Thursday Friday bags yet? I discovered these chic, canvas carry-alls years ago when I was flipping through a magazine and saw what looked like an Hermès Birkin—for $65. What?! Turns out, it was the image of a Birkin-inspired bag (if you look closely, there are no brand names or logos), emblazoned on a soft canvas tote that you can carry anywhere. A fun, high-low statement, Thursday Friday‘s tongue-in-cheek designs are a wink to fashion lovers who don’t take themselves too seriously. Their Hèrmes-ish totes have sold out, but Thursday Friday‘s launching its new Artists collection tomorrow (available for Pre-Order now). For each limited edition collaboration in this collection, Thursday Friday has teamed up with a contemporary artist to design exclusive new patterns. I’ve already got my eye on the Artists Together Bag, Red Diamonds (above), which looks like a watercolor illustration of a classic Chanel quilted purse—in a sassy tomato red that’s perfect for summer.

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My Favorite Summer Lip Balms

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 2.39.39 PM


My lips have an annoying tendency to peel off. I don’t know if my anti-aging face creams are migrating to my mouth when I sleep and sloughing off the sensitive layers or what, but my lips always feel dry, no matter how much Vaseline or lip balm I slather on before bed. And ever since I went bicoastal and started spending more of my time in sunny Los Angeles, I’m more worried about sun damage than ever. I slather SPF 50 sunscreen on my face every day, but what about my lips? A mottled and wrinkly mouth seriously isn’t sexy, but SPF lip balms are often thick and pasty, leaving a weird white residue that makes me want to lick, rub, and peel my lips even more. After a long, exhaustive search, I finally found these awesome, sunscreen-loaded lip balms that glide on smoothly, have a little shine (but don’t feel too sticky), and most importantly, moisturize. Continue reading

Shave Ice is the new Frozen Yogurt

In the land that launched the frozen yogurt revival (Los Angeles is home to Pinkberry, after all—but let’s face it, the original frozen yogurt craze probably started in Southern California too), there’s a new way to chill out: Shave Ice. In storefronts that used to house Red Mangos (a Korean Pinkberry competitor that lost), “shaveries” are grinding icy treats Hawaiian-style or into super-thin, fluffy sheets of ice cream (how they probably serve ice cream in heaven). Leagues beyond your basic childhood snow cone, these ice palaces will soon be taking over the rest of the country, just wait and see. Continue reading